How to unleash your creativity in strategic abm


The creative arm of sales enablement

Best practice in account-based marketing requires a lot of things: insight, personalisation, and alignment of sales and marketing. But there’s another key ingredient, one that’s often overlooked and misunderstood: creativity.

‘Creativity’ doesn’t just mean building a nice logo or personalised advert. To be a world-class ABMer requires creativity behind the scenes, such as in data and research.

This B2B insight report dives deeply into creativity in ABM, with leading B2B experts demonstrating how to successfully unleash your creativity in strategic ABM:

  • lay the foundations for creativity
  • plan for creativity in ABM
  • tell your story
  • overcome the barriers to creativity
  • action-plan your ABM efforts towards creativity.

Download this report to find out how to unleash your creativity in strategic ABM.

The most creatively successful ABM programmes are those that use research, data and insights, intelligence gathering, creative thinking – the whole brain to create relevance, a unique perspective that will turn the heads of decision makers. A vision they can believe in. And creatively roll out this over time. By definition, strategic ABM must have creative legs – depth (to go from awareness/intent building to sales enablement), breadth (across decision-makers) and endurance (refreshing for the duration as you embed into accounts).

Julie Wisdom, SVP Strategy, MOI Global