Intelligent opportunities and precision plays:
The state of the data for B2B marketers in 2024.

From throwing your hat in the ring for ABM, hunting for revenue, adding value for sales and telling customer-centric stories, marketers have an opportunity to use and apply data in interesting, emotive and impactful ways. 

In this report, which interviewed over 270 B2B marketers across Europe, the Middle East and North America, we explore four key scenes we see playing out on repeat:

David v Goliath

We examine how challenger brands approach ABM to go toe-to-toe with shrinking budgets and the huge incumbent brands in their industries.

Tech marks the spot

We asked the question: what do marketers use to hunt for growth opportunities? It turns out they’re great at searching for value far beyond their reaches, but risk missing out on treasures closer to home.

Everything, everywhere, all at once

Across regions, based on what B2B marketers are using to measure the quality of their pipelines, the cost of Marketing helping Sales could be out of this world.

Enough with the unnecessary remakes

B2B marketers use plenty of data sources to hear from their customers. But are they effectively using their data to deliver content their customers truly want?

Explore how B2B marketers are using their data in 2024 and get practical recommendations on squeezing more value from your own. 

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