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Divergent Paths, Converging Strategies:
ABM Realities and Opportunities in North America, the UK and Europe

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ABM is evolving—and at pace. Different levels of ABM maturity across North America, the UK and Europe mean marketers across these regions face distinct challenges — yet they’re united over the data conundrum.

As part of a global research project, we surveyed more than 200 marketers and spoke with several senior ABM and marketing leads to explore the state of ABM:

Interesting: 41% of marketers in the UK and Europe run all 3 types of ABM, compared to only 16% in North America 

Rising: 44% of marketers across regions allocate more than half their budget to ABM

Shocking (not shocking): Nearly 70% of North America marketers are looking to AI to help with customer preferences, compared to only 34% in the UK and Europe

AI has everyone talking, for sure: adding to the data question. 

Dara Such, VP Customer Enablement and Data Strategy at TechTarget, says, “More ABM programs are using a power combo of account and contact-level intent data to achieve scale and stronger results. Scale is often associated with automation and AI but how you use those tools and with what data is so important.” 

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